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What’s On Your Estimate?

As a licensed Minnesota contractor, we are obligated to provide our customers with certain, specific information. According to the article on the Minnesota Attorney General’s website, “Home Building and Remodeling,” consumers can expect: “The contract should be detailed about the kinds of materials to be used and the work to be done. Minnesota law requires […]

Ebbs and Flows in Contracting

All businesses and industries have their own ebbs and flows, and contracting building projects is certainly no exception. Here at Authority Fence, there is a lull in administrative activity from mid-October through late February. There’s time to clean up files and prep for tax season. The storage areas and desk drawers get organized and clean. […]

Richmond Deck Transformation

We specialize in “Extreme Deck Makeovers” and we have one to share today! The O’Briens of Richmond started talking with us about their fence and deck needs early in the season and eventually they stopped into the show room to meet with deck specialist and owner, Scott Sypnieski. They had fun in the showroom and […]

Maple Grove Show Highlights

We enjoyed our visit with the community of Maple Grove today at the Maple Grove Home Improvement & Design Expo! There was free admission to all attendees, and the COVID-related social distancing and mask requirements were observed, resulting in a smaller crowd than was originally expected. Those who attended seemed to be highly motivated to […]