Ebbs and Flows in Contracting

All businesses and industries have their own ebbs and flows, and contracting building projects is certainly no exception.

Here at Authority Fence, there is a lull in administrative activity from mid-October through late February. There’s time to clean up files and prep for tax season. The storage areas and desk drawers get organized and clean. Even the shop gets spiffy.

When the season hits, things get a little crazy! With all the access allowed by social media, websites, email, phone calls, and showroom visits, there’s not much time to sit still. The days are unpredictable and the hours are long. It’s impossible, many days, to finish the task list and return all the messages.

What’s interesting is that, despite the intense busy-ness on the administrative side of the business, the installations are markedly organized and efficient. The customer-facing side of the work is handled by our installation teams professionally every single day. We’re proud of our installation teams!

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