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Vinyl, unlike wood, does not decompose. When you invest in fences or a decks using vinyl products, they should last a lifetime. Not all vinyl is comparable though! Make certain the products used in your investment are the best available on the market. We have exciting information about the products we sell and can't wait to talk to you about them. Each member of our sales team has different types of knowledge about our products.
Authority is a Minnesota licensed building contractor and the company takes the responsibilities inherent with being a licensed contractor seriously. The owners of the company have been serving the community's fence and deck needs since 1994. Scott has built over 1,700 decks, and the crews innumerable fences! The family and staff are key members of their business and church communities, and they take pride in building quality products that people enjoy for years to come.
Most people focus on design and cost when deciding on a fence or a deck project. There's much more to consider! Do I want products used in my project to be American made? Do I want to use products that are biodegradable, requiring annual upkeep? Do I want products with a warranty? Will my installation be warrantied? How long has the manufacturer of the products involved in my project been in business? What kind of a record do they have with prior customers (REVIEWS are so important!) Why is it important to purchase the best product rather than the least expensive? Do I want to be able to visit with my contractor face-to-face before, during, and after my project is complete?
We don't ask to use or see anything inside your home, so as long as your property is accessible, we don't need you to be home. However, you are more than welcome to observe the creation of your project and ask questions along the way. If you decide you need some changes to your project, the lead installer will get in touch with the sales team and work out a change order; just remember, they can't make changes without checking in!
Neighbors can be a great help when you're building your fence; they may even have existing fence you're going to use. Each community is different about how they handle property line issues and one of the things we do is determine what rules exist where you live and then we abide by them! Most often, when you're going to place your fence on the property line, you will have to get your neighbors to sign an agreement (you do this part) that is then submitted with the building permit (by us). In any case, the cement used in the posts when building your vinyl fence, for example, is part of the fence and must be on your property line. The closest to a property line you can place a vinyl fence, then, is about 4" from the line.
Each property is marked with property pins - or should be. In many cases, we can find them with a metal detector, a property survey sheet, and a walk with you around your property. Sometimes it's more difficult and sometimes we need the professionals. It is the property owner's responsibility to locate the pins, and we do the best we can to assist!
Installation moves quickly when the area has been prepared for installation, and we request that you do that before we arrive so we can get the fence in quickly. When we have to remove debris, there is an additional cost and your project takes longer.
Once you've decided to move ahead with your project, we send you a contract packet. Once you return the required documents with a 50% down payment, we get you in the schedule. Remember, this is Minnesota and our weather is wildly unpredictable - even with all the weather apps available to us - and our schedule can and does change.
When we answer this question with the words "it depends," we aren't kidding! There are so many variables that go into building every fence and deck. Even pergolas and arbors aren't clear cut. Once you choose your products and the size of your finished project, we can get you a solid estimate. Bear with us when we ask you questions!
Fencing estimates are available online at our free estimator. They're pretty accurate for residential fences over 100'. Decking estimates require a little more input by the sales team, as there are many more variable from the ground up. In either case, the estimate starts with a conversation with our sales team during which we discuss what the project will look like, approximate feet (linear for fences, square feet for decks, and lots of measurements for pergolas and arbors), and some other details. Once we get a general idea, we'll talk about what you're likely to spend in theory. Once you agree that the total amount of the project is within your budget, we get to the more formal estimates. At that point we schedule on-site visits and work toward getting you to the scheduling of your project.
Our products are custom-built here or ordered to your specifications from our suppliers. We don't use pre-built panels for many, many reasons, two of which appear here. First, we want your fence to be visually appealing to you, and using pre-measured and fabricated panels does not always result in a visually appealing end-product. Second, we build our panels to "weather" Minnesota weather. Solid privacy fence panels, for example, will not withstand heavy winds. When heavy, gusty winds blow against the solid fence panel, there's nothing to mitigate the wind, and when something has to give, it's the fence panel, and likely the post(s) too. When our privacy fence meets heavy winds, up to 130 mile per hour, it is designed so that the individual pickets eject, allowing the wind to blow around the posts, which remain standing.
Yes, each product we install has a warranty the manufacturers will stand by. We also have an installation warranty, because we know we can stand behind our work!
A privacy fence is a solid line of fence that blocks people from looking into your fenced-in area. A semi-privacy fence blocks people from looking into your fenced-in area, except from certain angles. It also more light and wind filtering through the panels of the fence. A residential fence is more similar to a picket fence or a rail fence. It may serve to keep animals inside the fenced-in area, but it doesn't keep people from seeing the property or the landscaping. Any fence style can enhance the property it encloses! The choice is up to the property owners' preferences and the what outcomes they need from their fence.
Some consumers want to know what their fence or deck costs line by line and item by item. As a licensed Minnesota contractor, we are bound by the MN Attorney General's office to give a detailed summary of the services to be performed, a description of the specific materials to be used or a list of standard features to be included, and the total contract price or a description of the basis on which the price will be calculated. We understand we are not to offer line-by-line item pricing for installation jobs. Contractors doing materials-only purchases do get an itemized listing of the materials they are purchasing. Visit the article on the Minnesota Attorney General's website for more information.