Each of our products is covered by its own unique warranty. Upon receipt of the final payment on the project, we send out the warranty information. There is a deadline, so make sure to watch for that packet of information!

Our installation warranty is a 10-year warranty covering the professional installation of your fence and/or deck. We prioritize our repairs on installed fences and decks. The warranty does not cover “Acts of God” (heaving posts from the freezing and thawing ground, etc.) – but if there is damage that isn’t covered, we are here to help repair it!

The most common product warranties are described on the manufacturers’ websites:

Country Estates – Country Estates is our vinyl supplier for fence, deck, and garden projects. Their warranty has to be issued from our office upon receipt of the final payment.

Azec Decking – Timbertech purchased Azec, and this is where we purchase our decking materials. Customers are able to register their warranty here.

Jerith Products – Jerith is an aluminum fence manufacturer, and the warranty can be completed online at this site.

Merchant’s Metals – Most of our chain link comes from Merchant’s Metals. The warranty can be completed online.

Railcraft Aluminum Railings – Some of our railing products come from Railcraft, and customers can complete their warranty online.

Westbury – This is the latest addition to our product line and we use it for rails. This is an aluminum product. Part of their product line includes verticable railing.

This is another site where customers can register their product/warranty directly online.

We use the best products available in today’s market, and part of the reason we have such confidence in them is because they build products that rarely require any kind of claim against their warranties.