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The Down-Low on… Warranties

One of our customers called when he received the warranty card for his Country Estates fence. He was wondering what the best of the two options are: should he take the Limited Lifetime Warranty or the full 50-Year Warranty.

The default for customers who don’t send back their cards is the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We called our rep for some information on warranties and he explained the Country Estates warranty options as follows…

Ultimately, the company began to offer the “lifetime” warranty option because competitors were offering and customers wanted it. So they created a Limited Lifetime Warranty to meet consumer demand.

Understanding that the “lifetime” referred to is not the purchasers lifetime, determining what the lifetime of a product is depends on what kind of litigation has taken place in the “vinyl product” industry. In order to find out what “lifetime” means, a consumer needs to get in touch with the state’s Attorney General (here in Minnesota, the number for the Attorney General’s Office is 651.296.3353) and ask. The lifetime of a product is defined by whatever current litigation has trended toward. When comparing vinyl products, the lifetime is not determined by cases for all Country Estates Products or even limited to only vinyl used in construction; the lifetime is determined by any kind of vinyl product, regardless of the quality of that product.

One day, when things slow down a bit, we may just call the Attorney General’s Office and see what they have to say about it.

To learn more about our product and installation warranties, visit our Warranty Information Page.

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