When We Say Montauk, We Mean…

The names of our fence styles slip off the tongue quickly, and you may be wondering what we mean when we say “Montauk.”

The Montauk-Style Semi-Privacy Fence comes in a variety of styles and colors. The colors include white, tan, almond, adobe, adobe streaked, and gray.

This style provides the privacy you desire beyond a simple wall. You can customize the appearance of the Montauk series by selecting one of our family styles, which has ben custom-designed by dealer Country Estates based on requests from homeowners on the variety of home styles across America. This series of fence offers some added flare to differentiate your fence from others in your neighborhood.

The Montauk fence comes with straight or picket styles which can be built straight – as in the photo – or it can be built with stepped or scalloped pickets. It comes in 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, and 8′ heights to accommodate your family’s needs, and we’ll make sure your final choices are compliant with your area codes and regulations!

The fence posts meet the ASCE standard that governs ASTM testing standards at 90 mph wind speeds. The posts are made of heavy wall vinyl, much stronger than what you can purchase at a big box store. See the picture below.

The big box post is substantially smaller than the AFD post.

As with most of our fences, you have a large variety of post cap styles as well. We have the Gothic, New England, and Pyramid caps in stock, and are happy to order other styles to meet your aesthetic.

We pride ourselves on customer service. We do free estimates online, and once we have qualified that you are a serious fence purchaser, we do on-site visits as needed. We spend a substantial amount of time talking to you about your fence needs, and love having you into the showroom to see your options and style choices in person. The in-person visits help guarantee that you get whant you want for your home.

We are a family-owned business with more than twenty years of fence installation experience. We ARE your hometown experts.

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